Single Amber Coffee Fragrance Soy Candle

Quantity Price
Buy 1 $22.32 each
Buy 16 $21.36 each
Buy 32 $20.40 each
Buy 64 $19.44 each
Buy 96 $18.48 each

Case Size - 16


All prices include 1 engraving per glass piece (logo or text).  We use a laser engraver to ensure the etching never wears off.

Plain (non engraved) products are at a 50% discount.

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Delight clients with soy candle gift sets made out of rescued wines bottles. These luxurious candles can be reused again in a whole new way after they have burned down into beautiful Refresh Glasses. Now you can be a part of rescuing the same bottle twice! 

  • Reclaim it again, from a candle into a glass:  Most candle containers go in the trash when they are done.  We show you how to reclaim the burned down candle into a beautiful drinking glass with a smooth rim. Our unique rim melting process has been our signature and the reason why our glasses are so durable in homes and in restaurants around the country.